World Health Day


Dr. Raymond J Brill of Brill Eye Center, LLC is educating the local community in Mission, KS about the importance of having regular eye examinations and an optomap® retinal image to mark this year’s World Health Day (7th April 2012).

Organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the theme of World Health Day 2012 is “Good health adds life to years”; focusing on how good health can help older men and women lead longer, happier and more productive lives.

Dr. Brill comments:

“With an ever-aging population, it has never been more vital to communicate the benefits to be gained from looking after your health throughout life and, in particular, as one gets older.”

“Most people do not realize that regular eye examinations and optomap images play an important role in taking care of the health of your eyes and your overall health and wellbeing in general.”

“As part of an eye examination, a quick and pain-free optomap image is an important tool for the early detection and diagnosis of eye problems such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and retinal detachments. It can also indicate evidence of systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and some cancers. The earlier these conditions are identified, the quicker they can be treated therefore resulting in the potential prevention of vision loss and, in some cases, the deterioration of a patientÂ’s health.”

An optomap is the latest in eye care technology. It is the only image currently available on the market that provides an ultra-wide 82% view of the retina (the back of the eye) in one digital image – including the all-important periphery for successful diagnostics.

WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system, responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda and monitoring and assessing health trends. World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April each year to mark the founding of WHO.

Dr. Brill concludes: “World Health Day is the ideal opportunity to educate the public about how the eyes can be the windows to both optimum eye health but good health in general too.”

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About Optos and optomaps:

  • Optos plc has the vision to be the retina company. We aim to be recognized as a leading provider of devices and solutions to ophthalmic professionals for improved patient care.
  • Optos designs develops, manufactures and markets retinal imaging devices that create optomap images.
  • The optomap is the only image that provides an ultra-wide view of up to 82% of the retina in one capture. A simple optomap scan is an important tool for the screening, early detection, and diagnosis of eye problems such as retinal detachment and tears, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. It can also indicate evidence of non-eye diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers. Many of these conditions can be seen in the periphery of the retina, as well as in the central pole, which is why wide-field imaging is so important
  • Optos was founded in 1992 by Douglas Anderson OBE after his then five-year-old son went blind in one eye when a retinal detachment was detected too late. Although his son was having regular eye exams, routine exams were uncomfortable, especially for a child, which made it impossible for the doctor to conduct a complete exam and view the entire retina. Subsequently, Anderson set out to develop a patient-friendly, retinal imaging product that encompassed a digital widefield image of the retina in a single capture – and so, the optomap was born.
  • To date, more than 33 million optomap exams having been undertaken worldwide.

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