Contact Lenses

Brill Eye Center is stocked with thousands of lenses to choose from soft and rigid, clear and colored, to conventional and disposable. You can get an accurate fitting, and a good idea of what wearing contacts is like, especially if it’s your first time. We always offer a no charge in-office trial for contacts with your examination. We have lenses that you can throw away daily for about fifty cents a day, to lenses you can keep on for a month with no daily maintenance or removal. We also have contact lenses for bifocal wearers and people with astigmatism.

Types of Lenses
special uses
Some people need lenses made just for them in a rigid gas permeable or soft lens material due to special eye conditions: aniridia, keratoconus, pediatric aphakia, rod monochromacy, color blindness, migraines, albinism, nystagmus
extended wear
Conveniently wear your contacts overnight or up to a month continuously. There are some added risks of infection involved when sleeping in lenses. Your lens hygiene must be very good. Make sure you apply moisturizing eye drops at bedtime and in the morning to ensure that no debris is trapped beneath the lens.
daily disposable
The most hygienic and convenient way to wear contacts. Put a fresh pair in every day and toss out at bedtime. This category is leading the way in growing popularity around the world for its convenience, cleanliness, and carefree wearing experience.

When you wear contact lenses, it’s important to receive a yearly eye exam to ensure you are still seeing crystal clear and that your eyes are healthy. Although you may have an ample supply of contact lenses, it’s still recommended to have an exam every year for preventative reasons. Seeing well is one thing. The internal health of your eyes is another. Most things that go wrong with eyes have no pain, no symptoms, or awareness. For example, patients that have the blinding disease called glaucoma have elevated eye pressure, but may have no pain. It’s always cheaper to keep you healthy, rather than fixing you up when you are sick!

routineeye care

Every contact lens wearer needs a good accompanying pair of glasses

We understand, you like wearing contacts better and having freedom from glasses. However, it’s good to give your eyes a rest so that your corneas can get more oxygen. Emergencies like having a painful red eye from over-wearing contact lenses, or getting an accidental corneal abrasion happen. It's better to plan ahead so that you will have the correct eyeglasses the moment you need them. Your glasses should be an accompanying pair to contacts, and allow you to feel stylish and confident wearing your glasses.

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Color Blindness
Sun and Glare Protection
Dry Eye Therapy

Many people need proper color vision for employment purposes. If color is an important part of your job, and you have trouble differentiating certain colors, we can help solve your dilemma. We custom manufacturer special soft contact lenses that allow individuals to overcome their color vision struggles and resume normal work activities. The lenses are comfortable and the appearance of your eyes remains the same. To determine your needs, we conduct a test called Ishihara and Farnsworth D15. This gives us the data needed to determine which lenses will be best for you. Before fitting contacts, we always require a comprehensive eye examination.

Athletes require clear unobstructed vision to perform to their fullest potential, whether on a baseball field or tennis court. Reaction times are important and can make all the difference between a win or loss. We stock special color contact lenses which provide athletes with greater contrast when a ball is in motion.

Just as you wear sunscreen to protect your skin, eye protection is just as important. We carry Acuvue Transitions contact lenses which turn from clear to dark when you go outside within seconds. These contact lenses are available with or without a prescription, and are worn for two weeks at a time. Many people wear these lenses as their regular contact lenses to get the added benefit of sun protection.

Dry eye sufferers are sensitive to the environmental conditions around them. Lenses called Scleral contacts are worn by people with dry eye disease to help keep their eyes moist and prevent blowing air from the air conditioner and heating units from drying out their eyes. These contact lenses are professionally fit to match the curvature of your eye and will also correct your prescription. They are made from rigid plastics and are very comfortable. While this is not a treatment for dry eye, it is one step dry eye sufferers can take to get some relief.

Many color blind hunters have trouble seeing the bloodtrail in the fall months. The blood drippings on dead brown leaves makes tracing the trail almost impossible. Although you may be a good shot, color blindness can be a setback. We stock special color contact lenses that allows the red blood drippings to “pop” off the dead leaves. The lenses usually feature a special magenta color, which can make a big difference in your hunting performance. To be fitted with these lenses, we perform two color vision tests to make a diagnosis. Then, we have you try the lenses on in-office at the visit to make sure they are successful.

Correct your vision while you sleep with OCR!
Overnight Corneal Reshaping. The no glasses, no daytime contacts & no surgery solution to clear vision. Learn more about OCR today!

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Technology Involved

specialty lenses

Dr Brill is the go-to person for lenses to correct for distorted eyes from eye diseases like Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, or failed LASIK surgery and rehabilitative Scleral lenses for Corneal Transplant patients.

corneal reshaping lenses

Dr Brill was one of the first doctors in the country to pass a rigorous certification process for providing Overnight Corneal Reshaping lenses, also called Ortho-K or Orthokeratology. These lenses allow for correction of refractive error overnight while you sleep. Just put them on at bedtime and take them off in the morning to see well all day long with no glasses involved. Sounds too good to be true, but this really works for the right candidates.  Dr Brill’s older son has worn these every night since December of 1999 and does not even own a pair of prescription glasses. We provide a free screening to discuss what type of candidate you or someone you know could be for this ground-breaking technology.

other technologies

Other new contact lens technologies involve lenses specifically designed for patients with dry eyes, and are used to correct patients suffering from color vision deficiencies and reading disabilities (Chromagen). You can explore these different options at Brill Eye Center.