Top Eyewear Trends for 2019

For those looking to make a statement with their look in 2019, fashionable eyewear is always a great option to consider. There’s nothing that says “New Year, New You” quite like a fresh pair of designer frames to complement the style you’re going for.

Every year, eyewear brands take ownership in setting trends with their new, innovative styles. To give you some insight for 2019, we’ve come up with a list of upcoming trends to watch for.


Top 5 eyewear trends to expect this year:


1. Aviators Are Here to Stay

Aviator/double bridge frames came on strong in 2017, reigned supreme in 2018 and will continue to dominate the number one spot for 2019. This classic, unisex style is back and here to stay…although your 8th-grade chemistry teacher may claim it never left!

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Aviator sunglasses, or “pilot’s glasses,” were originally developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for pilots to protect their eyes while flying — hence the name aviator. It was a simple pair of Ray-Ban aviators that inspired the career of Christian Roth, an eyewear designer in Miami. Growing up in the 1970s in Hanover, Germany, Mr. Roth fantasized about owning a pair of Ray-Ban Outdoorsman frames that he could wear like eyeglasses. Unfortunately, at that time they were virtually impossible to find. His father somehow sourced the glasses and not only delighted his son but inspired him as well. Mr. Roth has been an eyewear designer for over 35 years and is well known for his aviators!

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The optical industry is always on top of current trends in fashion and pop culture, and aviator eyeglasses seem to reflect the current popularity of the 1970s & 1980’s nostalgia. With all the attention these iconic frames are getting, it’s no surprise that top eyewear designers are inspired and have begun experimenting with the shape, material, and style. Expect to see new funky twists on the traditional aviator with fun features like plastic inserts and hints of color. You’ll also see the use of different materials — everything from acetate to wood to 3D printed. Bridgeless frames will also make a comeback, going top bar only.

Aviators are truly versatile. Somehow, they are just as attractive on a woman as they are deeply masculine on a man. Not a fan of the deep, teardrop shape of an aviator frame? Find a more squared-off or rounder look to compliment your personal style. Want to go full retro? Try an indoor gradient tint in a bright blue or warm amber (see #5 for more).


2. Geometric Gone Nostalgic


geometric lenses

Geometrically shaped frames reflect the sense of nostalgia in fashion with a nod to pre-millennium street style and aesthetics. Whether in a bold plastic or in simplistic titanium, geometric shapes look fantastic on both men and women. An oversized frame in a lively color is a great way to keep geometric frames youthful and fun. Round is the most popular shape and is just as practical as it is fashionable. Rounded lenses are especially great for those who are very myopic (nearsighted) as well as anyone who wears a progressive lens. The round shape allows lenses to be razor-thin in your eyeglasses prescription.

You might be thinking, “Who am I? Harry Potter?” Don’t let archaic notions of what frames look good on which face keep you from the glasses of your dreams. Give all the shapes a try! You never know what might look good on you until you see them on for yourself.

Geometric shapes range from timeless to out of this world. If you really want to make a statement, think outside of the box and go for a more eccentric type of shape. The optical industry has upped its game since the 1990s, so don’t be surprised to see complex shapes such as hexagons, octagons, decagons, dodecagons and more. Choose a rimless style and you can really experiment with those cutting-edge shapes.

We love Götti’s Perspective line, iconic eyewear made in Switzerland, with unique shapes you can’t find anywhere else. The understated minimalism, the quality materials and the state of the art design and craftsmanship are unmatched. We also love Monoqool, who incorporates 3D printing technology and the use of computers to generate one-of-a-kind frame shapes. The colors are matte finish and stunning — giving you a look that you AND other people can’t help but love.


3. Simplicity Will Be Key

Thinner, more delicate and simple frames for women are more popular than ever. Your face will thank you when your style is dressed with a lighter frame after years of rocking your bold, chunky frames! Decidedly feminine shapes are back, like oval, butterfly, teacup and softer, more tapered cat-eye models. Aviator-style frames are now found in more rounded and feminine incarnations.

Lightweight, flexible materials like titanium, nylon, and polyamide are a perfect match for this feminine style. Pair these elegant shapes with lighter, pastel hues like nude, honey, pearl, and blush. Look for finishes that are glossy and translucent or a soft, subtle matte finish. These flattering frames look best in an appropriate size, so save the oversized trend for your fun, second or third pair (bonus, they’ll fit better too).

At Brill Eye Center, we’re big fans of the wildly popular Urban Fusion and Dynamic Colorwave from Silhouette. The wide range of shapes and colors are fantastic and the Silhouette quality is legendary. Also, check out the beautiful Lindberg eyewear brand we carry in house. The N.O.W. collection and Lindberg Strip collections from Lindberg are made in Denmark and have won many European design awards. Did we mention these 2 eyewear brands feature frames without screws?


4. The Future is Clear

Clear eyeglasses aren’t a new revelation in the eyewear industry. They’ve made their first appearance several years back. In fact, Ingrid Bergman wore a pair in Casablanca! To keep up with the current, nostalgic trend — clear eyeglasses have recently gained in popularity. They reach a diverse, unisex clientele, ranging from millennial hipsters to silver foxes alike.

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Clear specs have been spotted on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Harrison Ford and Tracee Ellis-Ross. Being colorless or having only very slight tints, in matte as well as glossy finishes, they are almost invisible from afar. Glasses with clear frames are cool and trendy and go well with almost any kind of complexion and outfit. Women love how they almost act as a highlighter, brightening up the eye area and not casting the shadows that darker frames are sometimes known for.

Remember, the right shape will play up your natural features, not overpower them. Clear or crystal glasses can look fantastic when oversized. We love the achingly beautiful N.O.W. titanium line from Lindberg. Other brands that have mastered the art of clear frame craftsmanship are David Kind, Shauns California, Gotti, and Neubau. If you are looking for elegant minimalism with unsurpassed Danish quality – then look no further than Lindberg.

Pro Tips: Try wearing with clothes of a lighter shade, clothes in dark shades will draw all the attention away from your glasses and make them look invisible. A light-colored outfit will draw all the attention to your face and your fashionable see-through specs. Keep the makeup light, too. Lighter makeup will keep the focus on your face, and help you avoid visible makeup residue, which happens to be more noticeable on clear frames. Keep them clean by washing them in warm, soapy water and drying with a cleaning microfiber cloth.


5. A Year Full of Color


Colorful tints are not just for celebrities. Fashion tints, also called café tints, are designed to be worn indoors due to their lack of protection from harmful UV and UVB rays. Fashion tints are much lighter than the tint on your sunglasses. Think of your sunglasses as being tinted to 90-100% darkness, and indoor tints being tinted to 10-20% darkness. Tints can be solid or gradient, and are offered in a variety of colors that are only limited by your imagination. Gradient lenses are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens remains the darkest.

Tinted lenses can also have a therapeutic purpose. Amber tinted lenses such as BluTech™ boast of providing 41-92% blue light protection and 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays. You should be concerned about blue light emitted from your digital devices since it can effect your sleep pattern. If you are photophobic (light sensitive), a tint can provide comfort and reduce eye strain. If your photophobia is due to a chronic health condition like migraines, then tinted glasses may work for you (ask your doctor first). Clinical research has shown that FL-41 tinted glasses provide the most relief for chronic photophobia, offering extensive protection against fluorescent lighting and other bright sources.

The rose colored tint blocks specific wavelengths that cause the most problems, therefore reducing migraines and headaches triggered by artificial light, as well as other corresponding symptoms like dizziness/vertigo, eye pain and more. Don’t forget an anti-reflective coating to reduce interior glare and provide even more protection if you are light sensitive.


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