Top 7 Reasons to Try Overnight Corneal Reshaping Orthokeratology

dr. brill eye center ocr.jpgYou may have heard something about overnight corneal reshaping orthokeratology like you may have heard about LASIK.  You probably have not been able to see if this process is meant for you, though. It’s time to look into overnight corneal reshaping (OCR) as an alternative to daytime glasses and contacts. Here are some of the top reasons patients come to us asking about OCR:


  1. Face it, glasses and contacts are not designed for participation in water sports. Active patients should consider orthokeratology to enhance their performance in life’s activities from sports to dancing.  We know–Your glasses fog over when you are exercising. Your contacts fall out during water sports such as swimming and boating and you think to yourself “there must be a better way.” Wearing specially designed reshaping contacts at night offers the freedom from being tied to glasses–and you will see better for your active lifestyle.
  2. You’re just sick of wearing glasses. You’ve come in to adjust the nose pads, or replace screws in the hinges, or adjust the temples more times than you can count. You just aren’t comfortable in your eyeglasses anymore! They aren’t cutting it when it comes to correcting your vision at different distances. Your nose and ears need a break.
  3. Perhaps your eyes are always dry and scratchy, either due to strong winds or invasive debris. This makes wearing contact lenses during the day especially uncomfortable. You spend a lot of your time rubbing your eyes and blinking hard. These distractions are interfering with your enjoyment of life.
  4. You are annoyed by the distortions like minification and magnification that glasses can cause. Think about the number of times you have had to deal with glare or have had to stop whatever you are doing to clean your glasses. What a hassle!
  5. You are required to wear safety glasses for work during the day but you only have non-prescription safety glasses. You either won’t see clearly out of the OTC safety glasses or you will wear your dress glasses and remain improperly protected from potential injury. OCR is a great solution! Now, you can wear regular safety protection as well as non-Rx sunglasses. We often hear about how overnight corneal reshaping changes lives and reveals opportunities for technical careers.
  6. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 are often good candidates for orthokeratology. Who wants to knowingly get worse eyes because you inherited that trait?  Young people (under the age of 40) are good candidates because their nearsightedness is progressively increasing but they want the freedom to live active lifestyles. OCR is able to slow down the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) for many patients.
  7. Not all patients are good candidates for surgery, but that shouldn’t prevent you having freedom from daytime contacts and glasses. OCR is a much less invasive and less expensive. Plus, it is a  reversible option for vision correction vs. LASIK surgery.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? If you’re interested learning how OCR can help you correct your vision overnight, download our FREE OCR Guide below, simply call (913) 432-7676, or contact us online.