Tennis Sunwear: Spot The Yellow Ball With an Eagle Eye

We’ve all heard practice makes perfect.  Our mothers and fathers quoted this cliche when encouraging us to perform better on the court.  There’s nothing more frustrating than losing sight of a bright yellow tennis ball coming straight into your vicinity only for you to miss it.  Blame it on the sun, blame it on the spin, or just admit you need to visualize your tennis game better with specialty tennis eyewear designed to track down and spot the ball better.

Bollé Competivision: Specialty Ball Tracking Sunwear

The sports enthusiasts at Bollé developed a tennis-enhancing lens called Competivision®. It was scientifically developed to mute every color in the visible light spectrum except optic yellow.  The purpose is to make the tennis ball stand out so you can respond speedier.

In this example image of the lens, you can see how the right side of the ball is dull compared to the left side the lens is focused on.

Check out the Competivision lens simulator here

Speed up your racket response:

Bollé’s Competivision lenses are bound to increase your reaction times. Who knows? You may even be invited to Wimbledon because your tennis game is going to improve so much! Okay, probably not. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams.

Available in both Rx and non-prescription in a wide variety of frame styles. Try on a pair today to see what all the fuss is about!