Reversible Corneal Reshaping – What is it?

We’ve all heard about LASIK laser eye surgery by now. The process is fairly simple, using a medical-grade laser to remove imperfections in the cornea. However, as futuristic and sci-fi as having your vision corrected with a laser is, LASIK is just like any other surgery. Some people love their results, and some people are less pleased by them. LASIK also is a lifelong permanent decision which cannot be undone. You are gambling that there will brill eye care lasik for scaredy cats ocr.jpgnever better technology in the future. Think of how many changes and improvements occur in medicine every day…it’s like the annual cell phone updates.  This fear of getting a poor result prevents many people from taking the plunge and going under the laser knife.

However, there is another option. It’s called overnight corneal reshaping, and it’s like LASIK for scaredy cats.

Describing Reversible Corneal Reshaping 

The Ortho-K lens used for overnight corneal reshaping is a contact lens that you apply while you sleep, instead of when you’re awake. A traditional contact lens helps you focus your vision, overcoming your vision problems to see clearly. It’s sort of like a crutch for your eyes, letting you see normally when your eyes can’t do it on their own.

Ortho-K lenses are more like braces for your eyes than crutches. Ortho-K contact lenses, by contrast, actually change the shape of your eyes while you sleep so you can see more clearly when you wake up. You put them on when you go to bed, and they quickly reshape your cornea so you can see better the next day without them.

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Are the Effects Permanent?

Unlike LASIK eye surgery, the effects aren’t permanent. At any point in time, you can stop using the lenses and your eyes will return to how they used to be. This makes them a good solution for those who don’t want the permanency of surgery, or who simply cannot undergo a LASIK procedure, such as children.

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