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Sport sunglasses help you step up your game.


If you want to be the best professional or competitive athlete, you need practice and dedication. You also need a great pair of glasses, since all sports involve hand-eye coordination. Sometimes a fraction of a second is all it takes to win the game. Enjoy a great pair of sports sunglasses/glasses to amp up your game.


Sunglasses for varied sunny and shady lighting conditions that fit securely fasten on your head.


Players need safety-grade clear lenses for optimal performance on the basketball court.


Use special, color enhancing lenses to detect and spot the fast-moving ball out on the field.


Enhance your fishing experience (and catch more fish) by seeing through the water’s glare using advanced polarization technology.


Whether you ride on the street, mountains, or trail, having the right eyewear gear to block the sun and wind is key to better riding capabilities.


Players need safety-grade clear lenses for optimal performance on the field. Made especially for football helmets.


Keep your eye on the yellow ball with color enhancing lenses specifically designed for tennis.


Stay safe on the slopes by reading the terrain and blocking the sun with sunglasses meant for white-out conditions.

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Costa Del Mar
Maui Jim


Oakley has been a key player in designing, crafting, and mastering high quality sunglasses for both competition and leisure. Optimal safety and performance has always come second nature to this eyewear brand. With their patented Oakley High Definition Optics lenses, professional athletes don’t have to settle for less, but can obtain the “clearest, sharpest, and most accurate vision” with Oakley HDO. Uncompromised clarity, unmatched protection, and unquestionable quality are what they’re known for.

Frames built for all athletes
  • Extremely durable frames meant for action sports or leisure
  • Feature rubberized temples with grips for easy wearing
  • Many frames with “screwless” technology
  • Genuine prescription lenses available
  • Prizm lens technology for color enhancement
  • Meet the performance eyewear standards set by the American National Standards Institute
  • Available for men, women, and kids



Founded in France in 1888, Bollé eyewear is constantly refining their trademark for “fit, fashion, and comfort.” This eyewear company first started manufacturing combs and hair ornaments for the boxwood and horn indigenous to the region. Today, Bollé delivers high quality sunglasses and goggles built for performance, protection, and everyday wearing. They help meet the demand in markets like snow sports, water sports, golf, tennis, and more.

Technically Advanced Eyewear For Sports
  • Available in authentic prescription lenses
  • Safety graded lenses available
  • Made for fast-action sports
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Made to fit with helmets
  • Sunglasses for all sports

Adidas has its roots in Germany with the goal of being the best sports equipment manufacturer in the world. They don’t miss a single detail, whether it’s the sole of their shoes or the fit of their sunglasses. “Athletes will not settle for average. And neither do we.” You can count on Adidas to deliver only the best sports lifestyle products with a commitment to quality and sustainability.

Where Quality Meets Sport
  • Timeless designs and advanced technology
  • Lightweight frame options
  • Scratch-resistent lenses
  • Highly durable materials
  • The prescription concept by Adidas sport eyewear guarantees clear and undistorted vision.

Starting in 1982, Serengeti set out to defy the standards of eyewear. As a brand, they’re broadly recognized for producing some of the world’s most technically advanced eyewear. With a commitment to, “uncompromised performance, protection, and sophistication,” Serengeti has undoubtedly set themselves apart in the industry,

Known as the World’s Finest Driving Sunglass, Serengeti is the eyewear solution for drivers everywhere.

Advanced Eyewear that stand the test of time
  • High performance Photochromic and Polarized lenses with Spectral Control
  • Spectral Control reduces blue light transmission and enhances natural colors
  • Quality materials and lenses
  • Durable hinges
  • Made from the finest frame materials in Italy using TR90, Titanium, Acetate
Costa Del Mar

Handcrafted in Daytona Beach, Florida — Costa Del Mar leads the way in manufacturing some of the best polarized performance sunglasses across the world. Their sunglasses are designed with advanced lens technology and are marked by quality, durability, and innovation. Outdoor enthusiasts can’t get enough of this top-notch brand.

The best sunwear for water sports
  • Costa 580 lenses are made by in-house light spectrum experts to enhance colors
  • Lenses remove haze and blur for greater clarity
  • 100% protection from UV light
  • Absorbs HEV light that may cause macular degeneration, pterygium, cataracts and other eye diseases
  • Filters out harsh yellow for enhanced color, sharper contrast and greater definition
  • Feature glass lenses for the best clarity and best durability
  • Lightweight and durable frames made from bio-resin
Maui Jim

Kicking things off in 1980, Maui Jim started as a small sunglasses company off the Hawaii shores in Lahaina, Maui. After identifying a need for sunglasses that could combat harmful UV and enhance the colors of the island, they set out to accomplish what would revolutionize the eyewear market forever. Their PolarizedPlus2® lens are “designed to change the way you see the world.”

  • PolarizedPlus2® lenses eliminate 99.9% of intense horizontal glare
  • Bi-gradient Mirror to help reduce bright light
  • MauiGradient® allows for the appropriate amount of light to filter through the lenses
  • Patented, anti-reflective treatment
  • Available in prescription lenses
  • Available in a variety of materials from including glass for superior optics

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