Overnight Eyesight Improvement With OCR

Many people think Lasik Eye Surgery is the preferred way to properly correct your vision without daytime contacts or glasses. For those that want to avoid risky surgery, a potentially bad optical outcome with no way to change it for your whole life, regular glasses or contact lenses seem like the only alternatives. Good news! There is a way to correct your vision while you sleep that does not involve scary surgery options.

What is Overnight Corneal Reshaping?


Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR) is a method offered by Brill Eye Center which painlessly reshapes the cornea of your eye while you sleep. The cornea is a clear, domed structure on the front outer surface of the eyeball that varies in shape from person to person.

The shape of the cornea determines how a person is able to see. This can cause people to be nearsighted, farsighted, etc. With OCR, patients receive a custom-designed, corneal reshaping contact lenses after a diagnostic evaluation. You can apply the lenses at bedtime, and OCR will reshape your cornea while you sleep! The work of corneal reshaping is very precise, so when you wake up in the morning you’ll have clear vision designed to last all day long.

In order to achieve fully corrected vision, you’ll have to wear the OCR lenses nightly. Wearing OCR lenses overnight should correct your vision for the entire next day. Some minor fading is possible near bedtime for some patients, but others with mild corrections may only need to wear the lenses every second night.

Corneal Reshaping vs Lasik Eye Surgery

So why do some people prefer corneal reshaping therapy to Lasik? OCR’s effects are temporary and reversible. This means that there is little risk involved with the FDA-approved corneal reshaping process as long as the patient follows some basic hygiene rules. Patients can discontinue wearing their OCR lenses at any time, completely reversing the process and leaving their options open for future medical treatments that may develop. For many, Lasik does not always stand the test of time. Your eyes are subject to change, making it difficult for Lasik to hold on with aging. Lasik also weakens the front of your eye in response to trauma. The two most disabling side effects of Lasik are severe optical glare and dry eye.

Is OCR a Good Option For You? 


Good candidates for OCR are those who have mild to moderate myopia or hyperopia. People with strong refractive errors can benefit also, but need more advanced lens designs at slightly greater cost. Additionally, individuals who are too young (less than 21 years) to participate in refractive correcting surgeries are able to use this overnight reshaping method, as there is no age restriction on corneal reshaping.

Additionally, athletes or other people with active, outdoor lifestyles may find OCR lenses beneficial. Those who are unable to wear contact lenses due to dry eye or allergies, or who can’t stand wearing glasses are good candidates for corneal reshaping contact lenses.

If you are contemplating corneal reshaping as a possible good option for you or someone in your family, you can contact Dr. Brill for a comprehensive eye exam or at least a free 15-minute screening. We’ll let you know about your situation and provide you with the most accurate information for making your decision based on your specific eye data.

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OCR offers vision correction overnight, which makes it a quick and easy process. With corneal reshaping, you no longer have to wear glasses or other corrective eyewear, which can provide a more comfortable and freer lifestyle for those with imperfect vision.

Why You Haven’t Heard About OCR


So, if this process works, why haven’t you heard of it before? OCR has been around since the 1960s, but it has been referred to by many different names like Orthokeratology, Ortho-K, Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), Vision Shaping Treatment, Gentle Molding, Corneal Molding, etc. Additionally, there are not a lot of eye doctors that are certified to perform or recommend OCR to patients.

There are extra qualifications, knowledge, and equipment required to perform the procedure correctly. Brill Eye Center has the latest automated technology for this extremely precise process which allows them to predict the outcome respective to each eye before the patient even tries on the lens. Dr. Brill was among the first handful of doctors in the world to pass the rigorous Fellowship testing of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control to achieve the FOAA designation credential and has completed testing and certifications that allow him to fit each of the available lens designs on the market.

There are pros and cons to corneal reshaping night contacts, but a consultation with Dr. Brill will help you determine the best route to take for correcting your vision. The number of people affected by myopia has dramatically increased in the past 40 years. 42% of people ages 12-54 are nearsighted, up from 25% in 1971. The time is ticking! So don’t let you, or your child’s sight get any worse. Treatment can become more difficult or expensive the longer you wait, so act now. You can take this online quiz to see if your child is a good candidate for overnight corneal reshaping. Schedule a free consultation with Brill Eye Center today.

Benefits of OCR

Overnight corneal reshaping has many benefits.

  • Immediate Effects: You don’t have to wait for months and months for your vision to begin to correct. Just one night with these lenses and you will be able to see for the entire next day. OCR works quickly, so don’t keep your vision waiting!
  • Affordable: Unlike Lasik, OCR isn’t major surgery so it doesn’t come with major-surgery costs. While we can’t promise the same price for every case, you can expect OCR to be around half the price of Lasik.
  • Alternative to Surgery: Eye surgery can be intimidating! Especially for children. On top of that, OCR doesn’t have the same permanent effects that Lasik does so you can reverse the treatment at any time.
  • Long-Term Myopia Prevention: Studies show that nearsighted children who undergo corneal reshaping can end up with less myopia as adults, compared with kids who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses during the critical years for myopia progression.

Frequently Asked Questions About OCR

1. What if I have bifocals or astigmatism? 

Overnight Corneal Reshaping can still work for you! Dr. Brill will craft unique lenses to help correct your vision.

2. What does a day with OCR look like? 

In order to properly reshape your cornea, you will apply the lenses right before you go to bed. 6-8 hours of restful sleep will be instrumental in allowing the reshaping to hold. When you wake up, you can immediately remove the lenses and you’ll be able to see without corrective eyewear like glasses or contacts all day long!

3. Why Can I Sleep In These Lenses But Not Contact Lenses? 

Patients can still maintain healthy corneas after sleeping in OCR lenses because chemistry advancements now allow materials to permit a sufficient amount of oxygen to transfer through the lenses. Old types of lenses, now referred to as “hard” lenses, are no longer used as they did not permit enough oxygen to allow the cornea to breathe properly.

What Are People Saying About OCR? 


How Much Does OCR Cost? 

Corneal reshaping costs vary based on the practitioner and his or her’s experience with OCR. It can also depend on the shape of the patient’s cornea, and the difficulty of the case. Typically, you can expect to pay around half the price of Lasik surgery in your area, or between $1,600 and $3,500. Schedule a free consultation to find out more.

Is OCR Permanent? 

The reshaping effects of OCR are completely reversible. This leaves the patient’s options open for future surgeries to develop, or in case they change their minds about participating in the process.

How Long Do OCR Lenses Last? 

OCR lenses will typically last a year before they need to be replaced, but patients should get lens dimensions and optics checked by us at least every 6 months to be sure. Well-cared-for lenses can last even longer. When lenses need replacement, they are designed and manufactured for you. You will not have to start over, though, from the beginning.

Can I Mix Wearing Lenses and Glasses? 

Corneal reshaping lenses require a level of consistency in order to make precise adjustments and correct your vision, so we don’t recommend frequent switching.

Can I Get OCR Lenses Online? 

OCR lenses are custom made for your eyes with ocular topographical mapping. It’s important that you only purchase lenses from doctors who are certified to provide the devices. These lenses cannot be sold directly from a manufacturer to the patient and are not sold on a generic basis online.

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