Oil & Water – How One Doctor Redefined Dry Eyes


They say oil and water don’t mix. But all great minds challenge the status quo beliefs. That’s just what Dr. Donald Korb did and it led him to great discoveries about the human eye, Dry Eye Syndrome, and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). A pioneer in the dry eye arena, Dr. Korb is also the originator of the Lipiview process that we have found extremely helpful to the dry eye sufferers we help daily here at Brill Eye Center.

Beantown Brilliance in Your Hometown

Like Dr. Korb, Dr. Brill has spent much of his career focusing on Dry Eye Syndrome, its causes, and cutting edge treatments that many eye doctors don’t know about yet. He is the local dry eye guru and he’s helped hundreds of dry eye sufferers over the years. Dr. Brill has kept a keen eye on Dr. Korb’s advances as well as doing his own research and studies. Both doctors are not satisfied with the existing information and aren’t afraid to challenge current beliefs and practices in the industry. The good news is, while Dr. Korb is located in Boston, Dr. Brill is located right here in Kansas City. You’ll get the best of both of these doctors’ expertise without an expensive plane ticket.

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The Secret to Dry Eye Relief

The secret to dry eye relief lies in the correct diagnosis. Many people suffer for years using over-the-counter drops for temporary relief, but never getting to the root of the problem. At Brill Eye Center, we have a Dry Eye Spa specially dedicated to those who suffer from dry, itchy eyes. We have the tools and knowledge to properly diagnose and treat Dry Eye Syndrome, MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction), and other eye problems. We now know the leading cause of dry eye for millions is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. We can perform the Lipiflow procedure, which uses thermal pulsation and just the right amount of heat to the eyelids in order to carefully remove blockages in the Meibomian glands. This process gets to the root cause of the source of dry eye sufferers in just twelve minutes. It’s time you get the correct information and diagnosis.

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Schedule a Dry Eye Evaluation

If you suffer from dry eyes, you deserve to make an appointment for a diagnostic visit. We will run tests to look at your blink pattern, lipid layer thickness, as well as take infrared images of your Meibomian oil glands. Your eyelid closure and seal, tear production and osmolarity, and tear film properties are very important to make an accurate diagnosis. Stop living with dry eyes, get the correct diagnosis, and start living comfortably again.

We use Dr. Korb’s findings every day at Brill Eye Center. If you suffer from dry eyes, come see us. We have a Dry Eye Spa and can perform the proper tests for Dry Eye Syndrome and MGD to get an accurate diagnosis and perform the right treatment. Don’t suffer from dry eyes any longer.