Oakley Baseball Sunwear: Spot The Ball With PRIZM™ Performance

It’s the 9th inning, the sun is beaming hard into the outfield presenting you with a glaring situation, and you must spot the ball immediately to make the game’s winning catch. Most baseball players have already been in this demanding situation when our vision is critical. Sometimes it’s not about our athletic ability to run fast enough to catch a pop fly, but about using our eyes to block out the sun for an accurate catch in the glove.

A baseball player’s fielding performance is only as good as the eyes visual performance. Luckily, Oakley has stepped up to the plate to develop the perfect pair of baseball-specific sunglasses that players demand — called Oakley Prizm™.

Distinguishing between ball and field:

Oakley Prizm™ helps ballplayers distinguish between the ball and field.  Many times, the ball is a dirt brown color and blends in very easily to the field making reaction times seconds too slow. We all know that seconds count when a dive is necessary to make the out.  Dull colors produced by other sunglass brands make it very hard to see the ball. It’s important you wear sunwear that creates a vivid scenery to track the baseball in motion.

Key benefits:

  • Makes greens and reds richer so the white of the baseball stands out against the grass and dirt
  • Accentuates the blue of the sky to enhance the contrast of a fly ball

Two Versions: Outfield and Infield Lenses

Oakley understands that the lighting and performance demands of an infielder versus and outfielder are completely different.  They have developed specific filters in the sunglass lenses to enhance performance and allow the eyes to easily track the ball in the harshest environmental conditions, whether sunny or cloudy.

If you are looking to give your child a competitive edge in his or her school’s league, or be a high performing recreational player yourself, Oakley Prizm™ is the sunglass for you.

The sunwear is available in a wide variety of sporty high wrap comfortable frame styles. Wear a prescription? Easy, we can make them in your Rx, too.