Made to Measure Glasses: The 3D Printed Way

Bespoke Eyewear Made Just For You: 

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Have you ever bought a pair of glasses that just didn’t fit right?  You probably remember them being uncomfortable, heavy, falling down your face, and leaving red marks on your nose.  Now, with custom made 3D printed eyewear you can create the perfect fitting pair of glasses to create the most comfortable and stylish pair of glasses known to man.

You’re probably wondering how we take a mold of your facial features and implement this into producing a frame.  Well, luckily we don’t have to sink your face into clay mold!  With the use of our modern biometric scanner exclusively at Brill Eye Center, our master opticians can precisely measure your facial features including bridge, cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, ears, and eyes to precisely build a frame that molds to your face.  Frames used to be one-size-fits-all.  These days are over thanks to Roger Bacon Eyewear.


You’re Unique, Just Like Your Glasses:

Custom made suits have been around for ages.  Men and women alike can look dapper and beautiful with a well-fitted custom-made piece of clothing.  This same philosophy now applies to eyewear.  With more than 20 styles and shapes combined with 10 colors, the possibilities are endless.

Choosing a 3D printed piece of eyewear is fun and simple.  We simply scan your head with our biometric scanner three-dimensionally.  Our custom mobile application then crunches the data allowing us to create a virtual simulation of your facial features for you to see within minutes on a big screen.  Then, you are able to virtually try on the frames in every color available.  It’s truly a remarkable experience to be able to see yourself in frames before you buy them.


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Who is Roger Bacon?

In the middle ages, he was a philosopher who contributed a plethora of information to the field of optics.  His inventive practices influenced two Dutch engineers, Pieter Jonckheer and Jan-Berend Zweerts, to create their custom eyewear system and named it after him.

Why is 3D Printed Eyewear Important?

  • Made specifically for each person
  • Comfortable
  • Great for hard to fit faces with flat bridges like Asians and African Americans
  • Astonishing gorgeous colors
  • Fun interactive fitting experience
  • Every frame is unique