Lightweight Eyewear Is Not Light Years Away. It’s here to stay.

Let’s debunk a few myths about lightweight glasses:

Have you ever had a pair of eyewear that was heavy, slid down your nose every 5 seconds and left you with a headache by the end of the day?

If you said yes, your not the only one.

We used to think if glasses were heavy and thick it was a sign of well-made glasses.  However, that’s not the philosophy today.  Thin glasses, rimless glasses, comfortable glasses, and lightweight glasses are all words used to describe modern glasses.

In today’s fashion eyewear world, most people have several pairs of glasses to display their favorite smart, funky or even sporty attitude.  And yes, you can achieve these looks in a stunning lightweight way.

Lightweight glasses in Kansas City are available in hundreds of unique styles.

You’re probably wondering if lightweight glasses are durable like their thick counterparts. The answer is yes. Just because glasses feel as light as a paperclip, doesn’t mean they will fall apart if you blow on them.


Breakdown why lightweight eyewear is good for you:

  • No screws
  • Unique hinge designs allowing flexibility
  • Minimalistic yet functional designs
  • Flexible plastics and medical-grade metals that won’t corrode
  • Engineered in Europe with superior craftsmanship compared to Chinese made eyewear
  • Hold their shape and adjustment so you can avoid having to repair them often
  • Come in an infinite amount of colors

If you are a fashion trendsetter in the Kansas City area, then lightweight eyewear is a total must!  The glasses shapes can be modern and cutting edge, classic, retro, or even futuristic.

Here are a few lightweight eyewear collections we suggest:

Lindberg, Lightech, Silhouette, Cody Air


  • Danish made
  • Done away with everything that is nonessential including rivets, screws, and welds
  • Not mass-produced
  • Weigh as little as 2.5 grams
  • Crafted with you name on it as a mark of personalization



  • Made in France
  • A combination of lightness and technology for immediate comfort

  • Made entirely from stainless steel

  • Exclusive screwless flex hinge system

  • Timeless or contemporary models for men looking for ultra-comfortable and discreet products with a hint of originality.



  • Made in Austria
  • Titanium materials
  • Purist design
  • Tangible premium quality
  • A range of rimless lens shapes and temple designs
  • Design is limitless
  • Timeless fashion



  • Super sleek, ultra-comfortable and minimal
  • Takes inspiration from the Machine Age and Art Deco Era
  • Aerodynamic patent-pending hinge design
  • Streamlined single sheet surgical grade stainless steel
  • No screws or solder-points
  • Resembles iconic aircraft and automobiles which focused on functionality and symmetry


Ahh, the feeling of lightweight has never felt better:

Alright, now you know several hip frame lines that are lightweight, comfortable, and exhibit great style.  It’s time you actually try them on and feel for yourself the difference it makes sporting some snazzy light wear eyewear you are proud of.

Remember the first time you bought a flat-screen TV and carried it into the house with ease?  Well, wearing an ultra-lightweight pair of glasses is just like that.  Freaking awesome and you’ll wish you bought a pair sooner.