Lady Gaga Lenses

OK. I must confess, as an eye doctor I would like to clear up some matters that the lay public sometimes confuses. The article about the Lady Gaga contact lenses did not say that the lenses were illegal and dangerous, only the self-prescribing of the lenses. Just have your eye doctor–at Brill Eye Center naturally– fit you with the lenses if you want them. We have a biomicroscope to tell if the lenses offer good biocompatibility with the cornea, lids, and tearfilm and fit your well. You also will need instructions in application and removal and the use of proper cleaning, disinfection, storage, and lubricating solutions if you are new to wearing lenses.

This is all pretty basic. Infections do occur mainly through lack of proper care and handling instructions and /or noncompliance with the prescribed instructions. There are people who purposely overwear their contacts until their eyes are red, have an infection and are in severe pain. They then take some outdated medications and start the cycle over again or go to the emergency room. We eye doctors want to spare you of the potential loss of this most precious sense–vision– that needs to be held in high regard. This situation is not the same as someone being deprived of a makeup accessory or someone who wants to pull their own teeth instead of going to the dentist.

Doctors are compelled to adhere to standards of care, federal and state laws and FDA restrictions. Patients who comply generally have better outcomes. Please do not confuse a consumer issue (“I just want to buy cheap lenses off the internet”) with matters of health. I know of many folks who–having lost vision–would pay any amount to recover their lost vision.

The first person who self-prescibes and loses vision from a pseudomonas ulcer, a fungal infection, or acanthamoeba will be the first to call for greater regulation (“why did anyone not stop me from harming myself”). Also, remember that Asian countries do not have the same standards of manufacturing and quality control that we demand in the U.S. I checked with my lab suppliers, and these anime lenses are available in the U.S. So, let a professional help you get what you want and safeguard your eye health.