If you cycle and wear glasses, prescription cycling sunglasses are essential gear

CyclingSunglass3.pngFinally, the weather is cooling down in Kansas City enough to create the perfect cycling atmosphere.  The past few rides in the brutal summer heat always blind me.  Thank goodness for my Bolle cycling sunglasses which keep me protected and performing.

I was recently grabbing some iced coffee with some cycling enthusiasts after a quick 10-mile ride through the suburbs on a hot humid day.  My friends noticed I was wearing some new high tech Bolle cycling sunglasses. I wear glasses religiously since I can’t see 2 feet in front of me without them.  However, this was my first ride wearing prescription cycling sunglasses.  I caved in and bought some since I was tired of squinting through the gleaming sun.  The only other time I wear sunglasses when cycling is when I put my contacts in.  I prefer my glasses though.

Did you know cycling sunglasses can be made with your prescription?

Yes, you can make them with single vision or progressive lenses in a wide variety of prescriptions.  They also come in a variety of lens colors, mirrors, polarized, non-polarized.  After ordering, it only took 3 days to receive them. Wow, the moment I put them on I was amazed!  The edge to edge clarity of cycling glasses is perfect.  My only regret was not purchasing a pair of Rx sunglasses 5 years ago!  I suffered many years squinting through the brutal sun rays.

10 Reasons why you need Bolle prescription sunglasses:



My Bolle sunglasses are equipped with so much technology!  They definitely give me the leading edge I need since I demand precise vision.

  • Adjustable nosepieces
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Extreme glare reduction
  • Optical precision, glass-like clarity
  • Impact-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Large field of view
  • Thin lightweight lenses
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Adjustable temples for the perfect fit
  • Wide variety of Rx lenses available
  • Go to bolle.com for even more reasons


Cycling Lenses that adjust your vision to changing light conditions

Lastly, for those of you that like to cycle at dusk, you know there’s a point when the sun is setting and your sunglasses are just too dark to see properly so you take them off. But then, the sun peeks back out and your blinded all of a sudden.  Bolle has a photochromic lens called modulator that automatically lightens and darkens according to the conditions so your eyes are always protected from harmful UV rays.

A Wide Variety of Cycling Frames and Lens Choices

Match your current bicycle and gear to that of you prescription cycling sunglasses.  Bolle sunglasses come in a wide variety of lenses choices to meet your rigorous demands on the road.  Choose a polarized lens with a mirror coating to reduce the most glare and sport a fashionable look.  Here’s my favorite frame, the 6th Sense.  It has removable side shields which block extra glare in the periphery.  Its full shield design is comfortable, wraps around my face, and does not fog.  It grips my sweaty head like a beast, too!


Check out the full collection of Bolle cycling sunglasses at Brill Eye Center.  We have been helping cyclists achieve their goals by providing the best eyewear the road demands.  Need an eye exam or contact lenses?  We do that too.  After 34 years of providing crystal clear vision to athletes, we think great vision leads to wins, victories, and pure agility.

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