I Wear Contacts, Do I Need Glasses, Too?

For many who need glasses to see clearly, contact lenses are an amazing accompanying solution. Contacts are designed to be worn very easily these days. Gone is the torture of having to get used to them before they can be worn comfortably. They are comfortable and wearable right from the start, with hardly any awareness you have them on.

Whatsmore, contact lenses often allow patients to see better than glasses for many types of corrections. While everyone wants to look as natural as possible, eye color can be enhanced or even changed at your desire. Always wanted to be a green-eyed lady, no problem. You can have the allure of a different identity for the evening. Anyone for trying a blonde wig for a change?  

People of every age report that wearing contacts makes them feel more outgoing and confident about their appearance. Have allergies or just don’t want to wear glasses while dancing up a storm at the newest salsa dance hall? No problem! Let’s get you some single use contacts for less than a dollar a lens. Kids as young as five do great with contact lenses, especially ones that slow down the progression of myopia–called overnight reshaping lenses.

Here’s a common question we get:  “If I wear contacts, do I really need glasses, too?” The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Don’t Ditch Your Glasses

Even if you absolutely love wearing your contacts, and hate wearing your glasses, there are several compelling reasons to keep an up-to-date pair of glasses to accompany your new contacts. Think about the scenarios below:

Waking In the Middle of the Night

Sleeping in contacts is approved for many types of contacts. Even though the lenses may have FDA approval for overnight wear, your eyes may not tolerate this modality. Stumbling around in the dark may get dangerous, especially during an emergency. That emergency may just be to feed an infant who is crying or find out why your dog keeps barking.  Whatever the reason, you’ll want a pair of glasses with your current prescription for those times you need to get up and don’t have your contacts on.

Eye Infections or Allergies

You shouldn’t wear your contacts if you have an eye infection.  Without a current pair of accompanying glasses, you may be tempted to overwear your contacts and prevent proper healing.  Hay fever season, which sometimes seems to be yearlong, is a difficult time for itchy and watery eyes — great time to sport your new hot-looking specs. Face it. Glasses are a fashion statement and can give you a completely different look…or if you just want to go incognito for an event.  Even if you hate how you look in glasses, they will be a lifesaver if something happens to your contacts, especially when you are away from home on a trip.

Injury to Your Eye

Sometimes patients say, “I always wear contacts and never had an injury to my eye that forces me to wear glasses.”  Well, you may never have had a flat tire, either.  It sure is nice to have a spare tire when you need it….just in case.  Why miss work or that all-important meeting due to failing to plan ahead? If you accidentally scratch your eye, your accompanying pair of glasses will help you avoid additional pain and allow you to heal faster.

Losing a Contact Lens

What contact lens wearer hasn’t experienced losing a contact? Whether it’s while applying them in the morning or taking them out in the evening, chances are it’s happened before. Having glasses to see will make your contact lens hunt a cinch. Rooting around to find your lost contact may be funny to watch, but not if you have eyeglasses to facilitate your search. Planning ahead and being prepared is not just for Boy Scouts. Have your glasses at the ready for when these situations arise.

Eyes Need Rest Too!

For the sake of the health of your eyes, it’s vital to give them a rest from your contacts. If you want to be able to see during those times you’re not wearing them, you just have to have that all-important accompanying pair of prescription glasses. If you live in the KC metro or need an Overland Park eye doctor for glasses or contacts, we can help.

We love contacts, but contacts alone are not enough. A pair of stylish glasses with up-to-date prescription lenses are a necessary complement to your contact lenses. Contact Brill Eye Center today to get a new pair of glasses that suits your sense of style as well as your lifestyle!