How Does OCR Work? Learn How With Brill Eye Center!

How to See All Day with No Glasses, Contacts, or Surgery Brill Eye Care Kansas City (1).jpgA good portion of the population wears some sort of corrective eyewear, be it glasses, contact lenses, or both. While glasses are definitely the more convenient of the two, neither option is without its downsides. Wouldn’t it be nice to see without glasses or contacts? Of course, it would! Let us tell you how to see perfectly all day with no glasses, contacts, or surgery.

Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR)

Many people have heard about LASIK surgery for vision correction. The procedure has been an option for many years with decent success (defined as seeing better or equal to 20/40 to be able to drive without a spectacle requirement)  for many patients. What many people don’t realize, however, is that there is a less-invasive option that corrects vision just as well. The procedure is called Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR), and it’s gaining popularity. Let’s look at some of the reasons someone might choose OCR over other methods of vision correction.

  • Less hassle: Because vision correction takes place at night when you sleep, OCR means no hassling with cumbersome glasses or uncomfortable contact lenses.
  • Less expensive: OCR is less expensive than LASIK eye surgery, which can be upwards of $4,000 per eye.
  • Less commitment: LASIK surgery is permanent but not perfectly predictable. Healing responses vary.  Potential less-than-perfect results are what you’re stuck with. With OCR, you can return to your pre-procedure vision anytime you want, which allows you the option of taking advantage of new vision correction options in the future, should they arise.
  • Less risk: OCR offers less risk of infection, fewer complications like disabling glare, or severe dry eyes compared to the common after-effects of refractive surgery.
  • Available to almost everyone: A large portion of the population who have reasonable expectations can benefit from OCR. Children as young as six have had positive results at Brill Eye Center using OCR!

How OCR Works

OCR corrects vision while you sleep. Special contact lenses are applied to the eyes immediately before bedtime. They gently change the shape of the cornea, the clear dome-shaped structure at the front tip of the eye, in order to allow for better vision. The next day, you can leave your glasses or contacts at home and enjoy seeing clearly all day long. To keep your clear vision, you simply repeat the process each night. OCR works the same way the more invasive surgeries work, except it’s reversible!

If you would like more information on Overnight Corneal Reshaping in the Kansas City area, contact us at Brill Eye Center. Dr. Brill has completed special Fellowship credentialing and certification by the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control to assure you are in good hands. Let us open your eyes to a whole new world.