How to Prevent Dry Eye While Working Virtually

One of the biggest risk factors for Dry Eye is screen usage. With millions of adults and students now working and schooling from home, more of us are spending all day on computers and in Zoom meetings.

Because of that risk, there’s never been a better time to schedule a dry eye evaluation with Brill Eye Center. As the premier Dry Eye specialist in Kansas City, Dr. Brill and his staff are well-regarded as a national leader and educator on innovative Dry Eye treatments. Many of which you can’t find anywhere else. Dr. Brill and staff take a scientific approach to Dry Eye issues and provide long-term solutions for his patients.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the causes and preventive measures for dry eyes. There’s no better time to get a Dry Eye Exam at Brill Eye Center’s practice in Mission because of the considerable increase in our screen usage.

Blink Consciously

Believe it or not, one of the best things you can do to help prevent Dry Eye in the first place is to blink. Not just your normal blinking that you do without thinking, but actual, conscious blinking. The important detail is that most people blink only partially; they need to have the upper eyelids come into actual contact with the lower eyelids.

This action causes a squeeze of oil out of the meibomian glands as the muscle of Riolan is initiated—assuming that your oil glands are functioning and not plugged. Many times, this oil flow is impaired or non-existent. That is where LipiFlow vectored thermal pulsation treatment is most helpful.

You don’t have to blink nonstop, but a concerted effort every few minutes will help immensely in combating and preventing the development of Dry Eye. You can do this several times throughout your day. Some good times would be when you’re in-between meetings at work, while you’re going to make a cup of coffee, or at the stoplight. It is best to have a mental reminder every time you do something repetitively. Like, when it is your turn to speak in conversation or the TV shows 10 commercials in a row. Just start consciously blinking full.

Do this often throughout the day, and you will be on the path to managing dry eye. We can direct you to a phone app blink reminder. Our proprietary dry eye workup will make sure that your oil glands are working by taking an infrared photo of the actual gland structure and showing that to you.

Take a Short Break From Your Device

It’s also important to limit your screen time when you can. Besides work or school, most of us use devices for our daily life. Communication, games, streaming, and other daily functions are all made more convenient with our mobile devices. However, it’s important to step away every now and again.

You don’t have to cut them out cold turkey or do anything drastic. Rather, just a few changes here and there will help immensely. Instead of watching Netflix on the treadmill, try just listening to music instead. Instead of scrolling Facebook for hours at a time, limit your time to a few minutes instead.

Many devices also have apps and settings that allow you to reduce the strain and light on your eyes, but are not helpful for dry eye concerns.


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