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Whether you want to look like a Hollywood star or keep it simple and boardroom professional, we have you covered. We meet one-on-one with eyewear designers monthly and hand-select the best eyewear pieces from around the world.


Say goodbye to mass produced eyewear brands! We support small family-run eyewear brands who produce glasses with love, superior quality, and amazing style. We show approximately 2500 frames in our showroom, five to ten times what the average displays. The styles range from basic “I just need a basic pair” to “I just want something fabulous and European that no one else has.” Ever pair of glasses are handmade and tell a story of quality, craftsmanship, beauty, style, and professionalism.

stainless steel
nickel silver
made to measure

Titanium is the highest quality metal, most lightweight, and strongest material for eyewear. The best titanium in the world comes from Japan. It can be made very thin, while still maintaining a clean look and feel. It’s hypoallergenic and will not corrode.

A Monel metal is a mixture of any of a broad range of metals. It’s commonly made up of nickel (up to 67%) and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. It’s much stronger than pure nickel. It is the most widely used material for eyewear today. Though most Monel frames are hypoallergenic, it’s possible people with sensitive skin may experience irritation if Monel rests directly against their face. But, this is preventable if the right kind of plating, such as palladium or other nickel-free options, is used. Lastly, it’s malleability and corrosion resistance make it a great eyeglass choice.

Stainless steel is great for eyewear as it’s lightweight, has low toxicity, and is strong. Many stainless steel frames also are nickel-free and thus hypoallergenic. You will find stainless steel to be reasonably priced. Its technical makeup is an alloy of steel and chromium, and may also contain another element. Most stainless steels contain anywhere from 10 to 30 percent chromium, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and heat.

This is the cheapest quality of metal glasses. It is an alloy containing copper, zinc, and nickel. Many people are allergic to this metal and their skin will turn green as their body oils and acid interact with the metal. It is more brittle than other metals, and needs to be made thicker to be durable. This metal also scratches easy as it is soft. Most inexpensive glasses and glasses found online are made with nickel silver.

Nylon is a petroleum based plastic compared to the higher quality acetate sibling, which is natural tree pulp and cotton fibers. Nylon is great for sports eyewear due its great features of being impact and heat resistant, so it wont change shape. Lots of wraparound glasses are made with nylon. This material should only be used as sports and safety glasses. Nylon glasses are reasonably priced and used to cut costs. It lacks many of the design elements normally found with acetate plastics.

Plastic glasses are also nicknamed acetate or zyl. Plastic eyewear is made from a natural polymer coming from wood pulp from trees and/or natural cotton fibers. There’s no petroleum within the material. Plastic is hypoallergenic too. There are many different qualities of plastic available and some key features of quality versions are the color, shine, durability, adjustability, and longevity. The Italians and Japanese are known for the best and most stunning acetate designs and craftsmanship. High grade plastics can last for decades while cheap might last 6 months.

Have you ever had a dress or suit fitted to you? It’s a wonderful feeling having a piece of clothing made that fits perfectly to your body and stylistic preferences. Custom eyewear can be made for you. We utilize 3D facial scanning technology and then design your frames on the computer. You will commonly see these eyewear pieces made from seashell, horn (water buffalo), carbon fiber, and wood and cork. Each material is delicately crafted into a frame using precision handmade and automated techniques and can take up to 3 weeks to custom make.


You know you can choose your frames but did you know you also have lens options?

Frames are fun to choose, but did you know there are abundant lens options as well? Every pair of lenses should be tailored to your lifestyles needs. Whether you are a computer programmer, doctor, or machinist — every lens should make your life clearer and easier to view through. It’s a fashion statement too — customize the thinness, color, and features.

Thick vs Thin Lens Materials

Never worry about thick lenses. We know the tricks to make them thin.


Choosing the right frame and lens material will make lenses more thin.

Reflective vs Anti-Reflective

The glare from lights is easily noticeable.


The glare from lights is removed for clearer vision and aesthetics.

Photochromic vs Clear Lenses

As the UV rays and light hits the lens, it naturally changes sunglass dark.


Keep it classic and clean with crystal clear lenses.

Progressive vs Bifocal

See far away and up close with a lens that has "no lines"


A standard lens with a traditional line for near vision assistance

Glasses as Unique as You

We offer completely custom, Bespoke glasses. Have you been dreaming of that pair that you’ve searched high and low for but have yet to find? Share your dream with us and our optical architects can design it for you.


Protect your eyes in style

Who said you can’t look like a celebrity and protect your eyes at the same time? Look good and feel good doing both. Premium sunglass quality makes life 10x more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on beautiful sunsets with a dull pair. Choose high definition lenses and a bold shaped frame.

Our sunglasses collections range from classic aviators, cat eye crazy, and sport fanatics (to name a few).

Sunglasses are an essential part of your eyewear wardrobe. Wearing sunglasses is just as crucial as wearing sunscreen.

Things You Should Know
  • Choose polarized or a colorful tint
  • Choose glass for amazing optics
  • Available in your prescription
  • Block 100 UVA and UVB
  • Gas station quality just won’t cut it!

Top of the line brands

Sunglass performance is all about precise lens manufacturing techniques. And we have products from reputable brands that do just that.

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