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We can fix your glasses! Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

Don’t feel bad you stepped on your glasses or let your dog chew them up. Mistakes happen, we understand. Our skilled opticians and eyewear craftspeople have the expertise to bring your glasses back to life. Whether you need a simple repair such as a screw or a complete restoration, let us be your eyewear savior.


Glasses Repair in Kansas City

We look at glasses as a medical device, and not just a disposable good that you throw away when it’s broken or worn out. That’s why we have skilled opticians who can do same-day repairs on-site for most types of glasses.

Glasses need a little maintenance over time, that’s part of life. If you think about it, glasses are one of the few necessities that get used 17 hours per day and 365 days per year. That’s a lot of glasses usage!

It’s natural for eyewear to loosen, become stretched out, or need parts reattached. We are here to help everyday to get your eyewear back into tip-top shape.

Did you know glasses need regular maintenance?
  • Replace nosepads every 6-12 months
  • Plastic frames can be reshaped for a better fit
  • Hinges loosen naturally overtime and need tightening
  • Plastic frames with small scratches can be buffed out
  • Dirty frames can be cleaned with our special cleansers
Same Day Repairs
Complex Repairs
Custom Restorations

Most simple repairs on glasses can be made same day.  Not sure what needs fixed? Don’t worry, we’ll let you know.  Here’s some repairs that can be made same day:

  • Missing screws
  • New nosepads
  • Temple tip replacement
  • Lens popped out
  • Temple needing reconnected
  • Glasses falling down your face
  • Glasses bent or stretched out
  • Crooked Glasses
  • Stepped on or sat on
  • And more…

Don’t ever assume your glasses can’t be fixed! Glasses are like cars, they need maintenance every now and then.


Sometimes glasses just need some tender loving care. We can repair your glasses that may seem beyond repairable. It takes a little longer, but we promise they will look good as new.

Here are the complex repairs we can help with:

  • Broken hinge replacement
  • Soldering, including titanium
    • Broken nosepad arms and bridges
  • Temples too long? We can shorten
  • Frame polishing
    • Turn dull plastic frames into shiny works of art

dull glassesShiny Glasses





We always give an honest answer whether your frames can be fixed or not.


Restore your frames, restore your look.

We are eyewear craftspeople at Brill Eye Center. Eyewear is an artistic expression of culture and personality. We can creatively fix most glasses, and design your custom frames and lens features.

A pair of broken red eyeglasses frames. Red Chanel glasses repaired by Brill Eye Center.

We can fix most plastic frames that are broken at the bridge.

Repairs We Perform

Not sure if your glasses can be fixed?

Email us a picture to to find out promptly!

Bespoke Services
At Brill Eye Center, we're a bit crazy about the details.

Technology is always changing. This is a good thing! It’s likely you’ve heard about 3D scanning technology by now. This is where you use special cameras to take your picture, and a computer can create a 3-dimensional version of yourself. It’s 100% realistic and is changing the way glasses are made today.

No more searching opticals for the perfect pair or trying on 100 pairs of frames before making a decision. Now, you can scan your head and create the perfect pair using an easy-to-use desktop application.


Here’s how it works in 5 easy steps:

1. Scan your head at Brill Eye Center
2. Start by virtually trying on different shapes from our large digital library of frames
3. Choose what material you want your glasses made from: horn, wood, plastic, cork, titanium, vinyl records or wood. You can even make them from a combination of materials.
4. Using easy app buttons, design the perfectly shaped glasses you desire
5. Customize the sizing of all aspects of the frame to achieve a “glove-like” fit

You can design any shape you want! Heart shaped glasses? No problem! Using 3DNA technology, you can create the perfect frame design you’ve been dreaming of. The glasses are custom milled to the exact specifications of your head and ready to wear in 3 weeks or less.