Fear of Commitment? Try Reversible Corneal Reshaping

brill-eye-center-scared-LASIK-OCR.jpgLASIK surgery has been around for a long time. It has a reputation for success for most patients who choose this option, which makes it a good choice for vision correction. It does have some downsides of variable predictability of corrective results vs the refractive target, disabling glare, and intolerable eye dryness in about 1 in 20 patients  Having said that, there is also a lesser-known, less-risky option for vision correction called Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR). The biggest benefit of OCR over LASIK is that OCR is reversible while the results of LASIK eye surgery are permanent. Fear of commitment? Try this reversible treatment instead of LASIK and leave your options open to take advantage of future advances in vision correction.

Reversible Corneal Reshaping, Overnight!

Of course, the idea of a permanent solution to your vision problems sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Never having to use glasses or contacts again sounds almost too good to be true. With LASIK, this is possible. However, it is also possible that your newly corrected vision through LASIK could be slightly distorted or even way off. Blurred, twisted vision and chronic glare can be permanent side effects of the procedure in some cases. Although rare, the risk is real and, for some, not worth it.

Luckily, with OCR, the accuracy is definitive and assured. We keep refining the correction to achieve your visual success and happiness. Furthermore, the results of the procedure are reversible at any time. This means you can stop the OCR process and opt to undergo another vision correction treatment anytime you want. For those who have a hard time justifying committing to LASIK surgery, OCR might be a better option.

What is Overnight Corneal Reshaping?

Overnight Corneal Reshaping is a process that reshapes the cornea of the eye, which is where most vision issues begin. By gently changing the shape of the cornea, we can greatly improve a patient’s vision.

OCR requires patients to wear special contact lenses at night while they sleep. These lenses slowly and gently change the shape of the cornea so that the wearer can go without glasses or contacts during the day. The results last for a day or two, but for best results, the contact lenses should be worn every night.

Advancements in vision correction happen all the time, which is why OCR is a good choice for those who may like to explore new options that we have not even fathomed for vision correction in the future. Should an OCR patient decide they’d rather have LASIK surgery for more permanent results, or opt instead for some other new vision correction treatment, reversing the results of the OCR treatment is as simple as discontinuing wearing the lenses and letting the cornea return to its pre-OCR state.

For more information on reversible Overnight Corneal Reshaping, contact us at Brill Eye Center where we can help you see things in a whole new light.