routine eye care

Why get a comprehensive annual eye exam?

Also known as a well-vision exam, this is like your routine annual physical, but for your eyes. You may not even have a complaint, but we check everything from A to Z. Why? Because most most things that go wrong with eyes have no pain, no symptoms or awareness. For example, patient’s that have the blinding disease called Glaucoma have elevated eye pressure but have no pain. It’s kind of like getting your blood pressure checked, and we all know high blood pressure causes no pain; it just has to be checked. We recommend a yearly preventative eye health exam. It’s always cheaper to keep you healthy than fix you up when you are sick.

What if I need my vision checked for glasses?

No problem. During you annual eye exam, we will check to see if you need a new corrective prescription or your old one updated. It just takes a few minutes with out automated and synchronized testing equipment. People worry about making the correct lens choices. You know, “which is better 1 or 2?” Don’t worry, our process will not let you make a mistake.

What if I need my vision checked for contact lenses or LASIK?

Contact lenses are a wonderful option for those who are not in love with glasses. Your suitability for contact lenses, LASIK and Overnight Corneal Reshaping, will be discussed during your routine eye exam. Nowadays you have lots of options. Fortunately, we stock 1000s of lenses to most likely fit you in lenses the same day.

see the stats
of learning disabilities are associated with vision problems.
million adults in the United States are living with diabetes of prediabetes.
1 in 4
school-age children have vision problems.
MILLION is the average number of times you blink in one year.

Family Eyecare Kansas City

History and complaint

This what you bring to the exam. Your personal history, family history and the main reason for your visit.


Our high-tech equipment is designed to gather the correct information no matter how nervous you are and we nothing will hurt.

Assessment and diagnosis

We consider your history in concert with all the testing to come up with a diagnosis. This means how do we answer your vision problems, complaints or lack of them to come up with a plan.


This is where we discuss our plan to take care of your eyes. That might mean no treatment is necessary, preventative vitamins to not lose vision, glasses for distance, near, computer, sports and hobbies. This could also deal with any of the myriad of contact lens options from lenses you wear 1 day to specialty contacts made custom for astigmatism, keratoconus or dry eye. This is where we plan for further visits to specifically address your dry eye, diabetes, macular degeneration, or just good ole preventive habits. You bring, we will solve it.

Eye Exams

For most of our patients, the eye exam is prelude to a fun glasses shopping experience with the assistance of our skilled opticians who can keep your style on trend. Get the dapper or beautiful look you want.


Same-day contact lens delivery

We have an impressive inventory of contact lenses, if we do say so ourselves. Whether you’re new to wearing contacts, or you consider yourself a pro, we’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We have clear, colored, soft, conventional, disposable and other specialty lenses to choose from. Best part? You can automate the delivery of your contact lenses right to your door when you want them. Contact us for more information!

Can I use my insurance?

Of course, it depends on what your insurance covers. We are more than happy to look up your coverage and get it certified prior to you coming in.

Insurance We Accept