Eyeglasses That Fit

Why can’t I ever find a pair of eyeglass frames that fit? We all have that one friend. The girl or guy who is always up to speed with the latest trends in fashion eyewear, and can pull off any look with confidence and ease. Over the last several years, eyeglasses have taken on a whole new meaning. They’re more than an easy fix or solution for poor vision. Glasses can make a statement about who you are — your personality, your style, what makes you unique. The look and style of your frames can also change as you change.  Not only is having a star studded look important, but making sure your eyewear fits properly is equally important.  Glasses shouldn’t slide down your face or be uncomfortable.  Don’t settle for less. Proper fitting eyewear should be as comfortable as your favorite pair of shoes. Next time you go shopping for trendy eyewear, know that you can have the best of both worlds—trendy and comfortable.  Contact Brill Eye Center today to schedule your personal eyewear consultation!

Not A One-Size Fits All Approach

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to finding eyeglasses that fit. You might find frames that are trendy and compliment your look, but if they’re not functional and if they don’t fit the shape of your face — the purpose of them quickly becomes compromised. Often times, people grow accustomed to wearing uncomfortable glasses without even realizing it. To achieve the best fit, you need guidance from an experienced eye care professional or optician. That’s where we come in! At Brill Eye Center, we understand that every individual has unique facial structures that need to be taken into consideration in the process of finding the right eyewear that fits you best. The last thing you want to worry about while completing your every day tasks is having to mess with a pair of glasses that slip, slide or provide any amount of discomfort. We’ve seen it far too often, and we know how to help you avoid those pitfalls that come as a result of choosing the wrongframes.  Quick tip: if you’re one who cares about fashion and function, check out our collection of some of the top trends in fashion eyewear here.

Find the Right Fit

Let’s get back to the basics and breakdown the top aspects of great fitting glasses. Unlike most apparel, glasses don’t come in small, medium and large versions. Eyewear sizing is much more intricate and comes with 1000s of different sizing combinations.  There’s three basic sizing components of eyeglass frames.

  1. Eye Size (the width from one side of the lens to the other in millimeters, typically ranging from 40mm to 60mm)
  2. Bridge Size (the width from one side of the nosepiece to the other in millimeters,typically ranging from 14mm to 24mm)
  3. Temple Size (the length from front to back of arms of glasses in millimeters, with a length typically between 120 mm and 150mm)

By choosing the correct sizing with each of these components, you will guide yourself towards expert fitting eyewear. However, it’s more complicated than that. Every person has a different facial topography, which gives individuals a unique appearance and facial construction. There’s 14 facial bones that comprise our face giving us our individual looks.

Top 10 items you should pay attention to as you choose your new glasses:

1. Are the glasses too wide or too narrow? Too Wide?

2. Do your eyes sit near the center of the lens? This is a good thing.

3. Avoid glasses where you see your eyebrows through the lenses

4. Are the temples too long or too short?

5. Do the glasses rest on your cheeks? If so, that’s bad.

6. Does the bridge of the frame rest gently on your nose instead of propped up?

7. Do the glasses bow out? That’s bad. This means they are too small.

9. Will the lens size be compatible with your prescription? Yes, this matters!

10. Pay attention to the weight of frames. Heavy can become uncomfortable over time.





We recommend going through this checklist every time you buy glasses. It may be tempting to purchase a pair that is poor fitting and doesn’t pass the criteria above.

However, getting headaches and red marks on your face is not ideal. Think of it this way. When looking to buy a new pair of shoes, you shop for purpose, style, and size (or something close to it). The shoes you find may fit well or feel comfortable when you first try them on, but unless they’ve been customized to fit the shape and size of your foot, they won’t be an exact fit. There’s a reason why professional athletes get their shoes and apparel customized to their unique build — it’s all about maximizing use with the perfect fit and level of comfort.

You probably feel a bit of intimidation shopping for glasses.  During the shopping and selection process, you need professional help.  You wouldn’t shop for a wedding dress or suit without getting help, would you?  Good news is, an eye care professional, like Brill Eye Center, can help you find the right eyewear to fit your individual needs.  The process for finding the right frames starts with knowing your basic sizing.

We all want glasses to be comfortable and not be too big or too small. Here are a few general guidelines you should think about when shopping for glasses.  Every brand and every frame size fits a bit different, but if you follow these guidelines you will be off to a great start:



Proportion is key when it comes to finding glasses that fit. Is your face longer, wider or more narrow? It’s possible (and essential) to match the proportions of your frames to your face.  You’ll also want to make sure the frames you choose are a good match not only for you, but for the type of prescription you have as well. Your eye doctor or optician can walk you through the steps for what frames are best for distance, bifocal and progressive lenses and help you choose accordingly.


Your individual style and look is important.  Know the look you’re going for:

  • Subtle and classy?
  • Bold and make a statement?
  • Artsy look?
  • The appearance of not wearing any eyewear?


Think of eyewear as a piece of your wardrobe.  You can match the color of your eyewear to your outfit. The best way to do this is by having multiple pairs.  It’s totally acceptable today to rock some funky colors and make an impression with your eyewear.  Eyewear can come in any color possible. If you can imagine it, we can create it for you or order it.


Glasses are functionals pieces of your day-to-day wardrobe.  Are you staring at a computer in them all day, active in the gym, or working on a construction job?  There’s a style of eyewear for every profession and leisurely activity.  Make sure to find your match.   Have you ever had a suit tailored or dress altered to fit your exact dimensions? There’s just something special about knowing that it was made for you. Not for anyone else — just you.  That same type of experience is comparable to how it should feel when you put on a pair of customized frames for the first time (and every time, thereafter). You deserve the glasses you love!

Eyeglasses for Unique Head Shapes

For some, it hasn’t always been easy to find glasses that fit. People of certain ethnicities have been known for their particular facial features, which have historically made it difficult to find glasses that fit just right. But, this isn’t the case today. Every person, regardless of ethnicity, can find a pair of eyeglasses that is most suitable for them.  African Americans and Asians generally have flat nose bridges making normally designed glasses made for Caucasian facial features ill-fitting. Normal glasses generally slip down the nose, rest on cheeks or are not wide enough. There are now collections out there with frames known as “global fit” or “alternative fit” or “Asian fit.” They are specially designed and manufactured to add an extra layer of comfort.  Here are the unique features:

  • Built up nose-bridge allowing glasses to sit higher on the nose and off the cheeks. This prevents them from sliding down the nose as well.
  • Longer temples to make sure they fully reach behind the ears
  • Wider frames to accommodate larger skull sizes
  • Temples frequently having a “bowing” feature to fit more rounded head features

There are certain specialty brands like TC Charton that strictly focus on crafting glasses for Asian people.  After years of research and feedback, TC Charton has developed a beautiful and growing collection of some of the world’s best Asian fitting eyewear. Shop TC Charton at Brill Eye Center today!

Eyewear Made For You With 3D Head Scanning

3DNA Technology: 

Technology is always changing. This is a good thing! It’s likely you’ve heard about 3D scanning technology by now. This is where you use special cameras to take your picture, and a computer can create a 3-dimensional version of yourself.  It’s 100% realistic and is changing the way glasses are made today.  So, no more searching opticals for the perfect pair or trying on 100 pairs of frames before making a decision. Now, you can scan your head and create the perfect pair using an easy-to-use desktop application.


How 3DNA Works in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Scan your head at Brill Eye Center or use your iPhone X
  2. Start by virtually trying on different shapes from our large digital library of frames
  3. Choose what material you want your glasses made from horn, wood, plastic, cork, titanium, vinyl records or wood.  You can even make them from a combination of materials.
  4. Using easy app buttons, design the perfectly shaped glasses you desire
  5. Customize the sizing of all aspects of the frame to achieve a “glove-like” fit

You can design any shape you want! You want heart-shaped glasses? No problem! Using 3DNA technology, you can create the perfect frame design you’ve been dreaming of. The glasses are custom milled to the exact specifications of your head and ready to wear in 2 weeks or less.

You can explore endless possibilities to match your style with the Brill Eye design studio app. To try out 3DNA for the perfect pair of eyewear, schedule your consultation at Brill Eye Center today!

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