Eyeglasses That Fit

Why can’t I ever find a pair of eyeglass frames that fit? We all have that one friend. The girl or guy who is always up to speed with the latest trends in fashion eyewear, and can pull off any look with confidence and ease. Over the last several years, eyeglasses have taken on a … Continued

Are Screens Ruining Your Eyes?

You’ve been there. You’re in the middle of a workday, going on hour five of staring at a computer screen. Slowly but surely, your eyes have started to ache. They feel strained and dry, they’re causing a serious headache and blurred vision. You can’t focus anymore and the pain is even starting to creep into your neck and … Continued

Can You Prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

If there’s one thing that’s inevitable in life, it’s that none of us are getting any younger. With age comes several potential setbacks — one of which happens as a result of unprotected sun exposure and lack of essential nutrition to prevent macular degeneration. The aging process is accompanied by health-related problems that are unexpected and life-altering. Changes in vision and vision loss are one … Continued

Behind The Scenes: How Lindberg Glasses are Made

Like many products, eyeglasses run the spectrum from inexpensive, utilitarian models to handcrafted luxury frames. Most of us are happy to find the best lenses and frames in our price range, but there’s also that part of us that is curious about the best of the best. What goes into the process of making the … Continued

Importance of an Annual Eye Exam

Are Your Eyes a Window to Your Overall Health? YES! Here’s what your eyes say about your health, especially brain tumors and diabetes. When it comes to our eyes, we all have an idea about how good or bad we think we see. Wearers of corrective eyewear know they are dependent on their glasses or contacts to bring things into focus. On the other hand, if you’ve never … Continued

Overnight Eyesight Improvement With OCR

Many people think Lasik Eye Surgery is the preferred way to properly correct your vision without daytime contacts or glasses. For those that want to avoid risky surgery, a potentially bad optical outcome with no way to change it for your whole life, regular glasses or contact lenses seem like the only alternatives. Good news! There is … Continued

Causes of Dry Eyes and How to Treat Them

If your eyes are itchy or tired, or you’re experiencing light sensitivity or blurry vision, don’t just chalk it up to allergies or a bad experience with contacts—you might have Dry Eye. 30% of all people have dry eye, and the symptoms can cause serious discomfort and irritation. Sometimes, dry eye can feel like a … Continued

How to Style Eyeglasses and Build an Eyewear Wardrobe

Why do you need an eyewear wardrobe? You wouldn’t wear tennis shoes to a dress-up event. Take the same care with selecting your glasses. You wouldn’t wear sporty glasses to an elegant evening on the town. Before people even notice your apparel, they see your face and the glasses that are prominently situated there. Instead of purchasing … Continued