CooperVision Award

Brill Eye Center Names CooperVision 2022 Best Practices Honoree   In recognition of current and future leaders in optometry, CooperVision announced Brill Eye Center as one of its 2022 Best Practices honorees and student scholarship recipients. The initiative—now in its seventh year—brings together innovative U.S. eye care practices committed to advancing the profession and providing … Continued

Questions to Ask Before Getting Contact Lenses in Kansas City

There are many reasons you might start looking into contact lenses. Maybe you’re tired of wearing glasses all day. Maybe you can’t wear glasses. Maybe you only need part-time corrective lenses for competing in sports or recreational activities. Maybe you’re color blind or have an astigmatism and aren’t sure if there are options that are … Continued

What to Know About IPL Treatment in Kansas City

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is relatively new in terms of dry eye treatment. It uses pulses of light energy to target fine blood vessels that makeup what we know as rosacea, specifically ocular rosacea. And not only can IPL treatment in Kansas City provide Dry Eye relief by reducing inflammation, but it can also … Continued

Eye Drop Alternatives For Red & Itchy Eyes in Kansas City

We hear it all the time from patients. They experience redness and itchiness in their eyes, so they go to urgent care or their primary care doc for treatment. The physician prescribes eye drops that provide temporary relief, but they find the drops don’t fix their issues for very long. So they go back and … Continued

Why You Should Get a Dry Eye Evaluation, Even if You Lack Symptoms

Dry Eye and Dry Eye symptoms are remarkably common issues. Around 30 percent of all people suffer from Ocular Surface Disease, AKA Dry Eye. And as many of us have transitioned to a virtual lifestyle, things have only gotten worse. Considered the premier Dry Eye specialist in Kansas City and well-regarded by peers across the … Continued

How to Prevent Dry Eye While Working Virtually

One of the biggest risk factors for Dry Eye is screen usage. With millions of adults and students now working and schooling from home, more of us are spending all day on computers and in Zoom meetings. Because of that risk, there’s never been a better time to schedule a dry eye evaluation with Brill … Continued

Keratoconus: What Is It?

Before defining what keratoconus is, we need to describe how light travels through the eye. The first surface that light hits is the tear film. A clean and healthy tear film allows light to next travel through the cornea, which is a clear, dome-shaped structure that covers the colored part of the eye. The normal … Continued