Dr. Brill’s Tips for Improving Your Dry Eye Symptoms

So, can dry eye be cured? To answer this question, unfortunately, is no. Dry eye is a chronic disease that will continuously require treatment.

The real question becomes, “What can be done to alleviate the itching, scratching, and all-around irritating symptoms of dry eye?” The team at Brill Eye Center explains below.

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What’s the Best Way tDr. Brill’s Tips for Improving Your Dry Eye Symptoms.jpgo Improve Your Dry Eyes?

The best step that any patient can take to improve their dry eyes is to meet with their optometrist for proper diagnosis. From there, your doctor will be able to provide proper treatment for your condition. After all, every patient is different.

Curious about what that process will look like? Take a peek at Brill Eye Center’s steps for taking care of dry eye problems.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Be Made to Improve Dry Eye Symptoms?

While a doctor will be able to prescribe the proper treatment for your dry eye condition, there are a few things that patients can do on their own to help alleviate symptoms:

    • Wear glasses or sunglasses to slow tear evaporation
    • Use an indoor air cleaner in your home
    • Replace your heating and cooling system’s air filter monthly
    • Use a humidifier to add moisture to your home
    • Avoid dry or windy conditions
    • Allow your eyes to rest between activities that require concentration
  • Take computer breaks – this includes breaks from the television, tablet, phone screen etc.

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