Channel 41 NBC Action News Station’s Kansas City Live TV Program Hosts Dr Brill

Meredith Hoenes and Brett Anthony invited Dr. Brill to be interviewed about two specialty contact lens topics this summer. In June, Dr. Brill introduced the Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses. These are lenses designed to help golfers and baseball players perform better while outside in the sun. The lenses filter out the critical wavelengths of the sun that cause distracting glare. The ball just seems to “pop” out better and the background is de-emphasized.

In August, Meredith interviewed Dr. Brill about the Overnight Corneal Reshaping Program that has achieved a significant amount of acclaim for allowing patients to see well all day without the assistance of glasses or contacts. This non-surgical approach to vision correction achieves the same effect as LASIK, but without all of the risk and expense. Specially designed lenses are worn at night to reshape the eyes overnight while you are asleep and removed in the morning.

The process is similar to wearing an orthodontic retainer–but the retainer lenses are actually “straightening” the eyes instead of the teeth. Dr. Brill’s children have corrected their vision this way since 2000 when the newest of the technology became available.