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Erika Carsella

Erika did not have your typical journey into eyecare. Early on, she found her passion for food which led her to working at some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants. After spending some time in the southern-swampland of Louisiana and the world-famous concrete jungle, Erika found herself back in the place she calls home. She’s always had a knack for helping people beyond just giving them a memorable meal, and she found that her desire to be in the medical field only grew stronger. Erika came across the unique opportunity to join the leaders in eyecare at Brill Eye Center and has grown to love sharing the importance of healthy eyes to those around her. Erika loves art and high-quality fashion, which helped her develop a keen interest in eyewear. She learned that a good pair of frames can be used as jewelry, or an accessory to enhance your appearance or outfit. Erika is always striving to work with the best, and she’s proud to be working at the eye center that is 5 years ahead of the market in delivering pristine eyecare and carrying fashionable, well-made frames. Erika is focused on entrepreneurship and her future goals consist of combining food and medicine in a way that’s most effective in helping people and building the community around her.

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