Introducing iHuman: Adaptable eyewear as thin as a smartphone


Finally, there is a glasses brand that understands the needs of chronic glasses wearers. We want glasses that are stylish in the office that portray professionalism and also glasses for the weekend that display sporty attitudes on Sunday morning runs.

iHUMAN was created out of the need for eyewear that is adaptable to our human needs. Humans desire sleek, light wear, comfortable, fashionable and flexible eyewear.  They also desire technology-driven products that are connected to smartphones to create ease and functionality in their lives to keep organized.

Some of the finest products are made in France and so are iHuman eyewear:

  • Front and temples in La Chaux-du-Dombief.
  • Temple tips in Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux
  • Coloring and treatments in Morez.



Just like fancy smartphone updates and the new thinner and lighter models, iHUMAN is dedicated to providing technological innovations in eyewear in regards to durability, flexibility, style, and materials.  Glasses are not just a fad.  They provide the gift of vision and personalities for people.  Innovation is at the core of the iHUMAN brand.

Check out more about iHUMAN here or here.


3 Different Collections To Fit Your Needs:



  • Functional, compact and lightweight
  • The case is the size of a smartphone and can be easily stored in your pocket.
  • The glasses help reduce bulk in your life for convenience



  • Provide extreme flexibility and strength
  • Nearly unbreakable design due to superior engineering
  • Unique features include Cordan® technology allowing flexibility, micrometric friction-controlled hinges and ultra-high pressure punched top bar for great rigidity.



  • No more worrying about where you left your glasses. There’s an app for that!
  • Simply open the Find Me app on your phone to locate your missing glasses.
  • Follow the radar on the phone to find the location of your eyewear.
  • The glasses make a loud beeping sound to aid in finding them.
  • The frame also has a button to find your phone when you have lost it.  It rings when you click the button on the glasses.

Want to experience these tech-savvy glasses for yourself?  Come visit a tech-savvy optician at Brill Eye Center Monday through Saturday to experience French-made product right here in Mission, KS!

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