An Alternative to LASIK You Have to See to Believe!

shutterstock_510908872.jpgOne important structure of the eye you need to know about is the CORNEA. The cornea is the clear outermost layer of the eye that covers the colored part of the eye called the iris. It is similar to how a clear glass crystal covers the face of a traditional watch.

This dome-shaped rounded structure is moldable in response to contact lens wear. In this way,  corneas play a vital role in focusing our sight. When your cornea is not shaped right, your eyesight will suffer and you will have to rely on glasses or contact lenses for correction to see well.

Advancements in technology, such as LASIK surgery, offer a way to permanently reshape the cornea to correct vision problems. While LASIK surgery is an option for some folks, the effects are permanent. That may sound good at first, but if the results are bad your vision will be bad the rest of your life.  Dr. Brill of Brill Eye Center has worked with a competitive and totally reversible procedure called Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR) for the last 20+ years. Until you have compared and contrasted these two procedures, you might be missing out on a more effective, less costly, and minimally invasive method of vision correction. Dr. Brill and his team have even made a quick list of pros and cons for both LASIK and OCR methods.

Corneal reshaping therapy is really as easy as securing a good night’s rest and does not take any more time than brushing your teeth. You really can correct your vision overnight.

Specially designed oxygen permeable lenses are custom-made to wear overnight to gently reshape the cornea. Not only is this method non-invasive, but it’s also actually reversible. If a new technology comes around in the future that you want to try, your visual state can be restored back to the sight you had before you started the OCR method.  Just discontinue wearing the OCR lenses and the reshaping effect will wear off. With LASIK, whatever result you get is what you are stuck with the rest of your life plus the very common complications of glare and dry eye.

If you’re struggling with glasses and contacts, laser surgery is not your only option! Contact Brill Eye Center now for your consultation and download our OCR guide.