4 Reasons Why Kids Should Be Wearing Youth Sports Glasses


Kids jobs are to lose things and break things. You know, little Johnny comes home from the big game and says he won but broke his glasses.

You’re probably used to little Johnny getting done with basketball, baseball or soccer practice and telling you he broke his glasses or needs them fixed.  This an all too common occurrence among parents and has become the new normal for many. 

However, did you know there are sports glasses for kids?

That’s right, we have the know-how to make glasses for basketball, baseball, soccer, and many other sports.  Once we provide your child with safety sports eyewear, your life will become easier.  No more worrying if your child’s glasses will be broken after practice or the big game.

4 Reasons Kids Should Wear Sports Glasses:

1. Better Performance

Parents frequently say “don’t be afraid of the ball.”  There’s a reason why children are sometimes afraid and it may be that their eyes are not protected. Kids are more likely to play better when they feel protected.  Think of safety eyewear as a “helmet” for the eyes.

2. Better Safety

Young athletes are used to wearing protective gear from head to toe no matter what the active sport is. Yet, kids are still receiving way too many eye injuries due to the lack of proper protective prescription eyewear or non-presciption.

3. Durability

From a breakage standpoint, parents and kids will conveniently spend less money due to the durability of sports eyewear to handle even the toughest plays.  Game after game, the eyewear will hold up to dirt, dust, hits, and dives. 

4. Confidence

Being properly attired is important for sports players. A female soccer player would never feel comfortable wearing high heels to practice.  Similarly, a girl should not feel comfortable wearing unsafe “dress eyewear” to practice.  Give your child the confidence he or she deserves by providing sport-specific glasses.

By wearing impact-resistant glasses, kids could avoid 1000’s of eye injuries recorded each year and lost time from school and their beloved favorite sports.  Just think how much money could be saved from going to the emergency room, breaking glasses, and getting other care.  It’s time to have 100% focus on the game.

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Oh, did you know sports glasses are shock resistant, scratch resistant, anti-fog, impact-resistant and super flexible? Yeah, they can handle just about anything that comes into contact with them.